Have you discovered these header tab features yet? We’re excited to show you the “Got a Bond” tab/page, as well as the “Search” tab!

First, because it’s pretty self-explanatory: our header has a Search icon! Just click on the Search / Magnifying Glass icon, and type in what you’re looking for – Search will show results from our entire site!

Second, the “Got a Bond” tab is for those agents or clients that already have their bond or a quote and need to do something with it – Renew a bond, Find a renewal quote, complete a status report, request a change rider, cancel a bond, complete Financial Year End checklist, get ANOTHER bond (primarily for active bid/plat accounts, but anyone can use it) and more coming soon! Trust us, you’re gonna love it!

Please use these options all you can, and please, please, please, let us know how you like it or if we need to fix anything!

Thank you SO MUCH for choosing Integrity Surety!