Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds, also known as business bonds, are a type of surety bond that serve to protect various parties in commercial transactions. These bonds are typically required to guarantee the performance of specific contractual obligations or financial responsibilities. Commercial bonds ensure that businesses adhere to the terms of their contracts, complete projects as agreed, and fulfill their financial obligations, providing confidence to clients and stakeholders.


Street Obstruction Bonds

Street obstruction bonds are a type of surety bond that municipalities may require from contractors to financially guarantee the timely and safe completion of projects that obstruct public streets or rights-of-way. Learn More.


Janitorial & Cleaning Bonds

Janitorial and cleaning bonds, also known as custodial or house cleaning bonds, are types of surety bonds that offer protection to clients by providing financial compensation in case of theft, property damage, or other acts of dishonesty or negligence by janitorial or cleaning service employees.

Notary Bonds

Notary Bonds are required by statutes to protect the public against losses resulting from the improper actions of notaries. Learn More.

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Financial Institution Bonds

Financial institution bonds, often referred to as bank bonds or fidelity bonds for financial institutions, are specialized insurance policies that protect banks and other financial entities from losses resulting from fraud, theft, or other dishonest acts committed by employees or third parties.


ERISA and Pension Bonds

ERISA & Pension Bonds are required to be posted, in the amount of ten percent of the funds for fiduciary of pension funds and profit sharing plans. Learn More.

FMSCA / ICC Freight Forwarder / Carrier/ Property Broker Bonds

This is a $75,000 bond required by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) / ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) to operate as a transportation broker. Learn More.


Business Service Bonds

Business Service Bonds are for small businesses looking for very limited employee dishonesty coverage off premises with a conviction clause. This bond does not cover money handling or the owners and employees property. Learn More

Fidelity Bonds

Fidelity Bonds are designed to guarantee honesty. Generally, the bond guarantees honesty of employees. These bonds cover losses arising from employee dishonesty and indemnify the principal for losses caused by the dishonest actions of its employees. Learn More.


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