Announcing our Streamlined Notary Bond Package!

Integrity Surety has streamlined the Notary Bond Kit webpage for Washington, Utah, Idaho, California, and Alaska, making it easier than ever to apply and pay for and your Notary Bond Kit. Our kit includes your state-mandated Surety Bond and Notary ink-stamp/seal, Notary journal, and Errors & Omissions Insurance (except for California).

While the Notary bond protects the public, Errors & Omission Insurance is a policy which protects the Notary in the event of errors in work such as negligence, misrepresentation, and violation of good faith and fair dealings.

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You can apply for your Notary kit and pay online here. The kit application can also be found in our “Get A Bond” State Map.

If you would prefer to use a paper application, or to make payment via check or insurance agency accounting, please contact us.

Each state will vary in bond size and price. All prices include shipping and tax if applicable.

  • As of 1/1/2021 Alaska now requires a $2500 bond. The Errors and Omissions coverage is $5,000. The Alaska Notary kit is available for $87.00.
  • California’s $15,000 Bond and Kit is available for $82.00.
  • Idaho’s $10,000 bond, $10,000 Errors and Omissions and Kit is available for $92.00
  • Utah’s $5,000 bond, $5,000 Errors and Omissions and Kit is available for $87.00
  • Washington $10,000 bond, $5,000 Errors and Omissions and Kit is available for $94.08

If you need a notary for a state not listed above, refer to the State Map or contact us for more information.

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Notary Public Seal

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