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Integrity Surety is a general surety agency providing corporate surety services across the United States.

Integrity Surety was established in an effort to offer exceptional service in a small and often confusing industry. Our main objective is to provide the best service possible, understanding that exceptional service means cultivating relationships with companies, agents and anyone who does business with us. We continue to look for ways to better serve our customers through surety consultation and education including, but not limited to continuing education for insurance agents and attorneys in the surety industry.

We have the ability to offer many classes of surety including Subdivision, Performance and Payment bonds and almost all commercial surety. We write with many surety companies that offer surety for the most preferred credit as well as many credit challenged principals. We are always ready to answer your questions, please feel free contact her with your questions and comments.

Kara Skinner


Kara is a third-generation surety professional and has over 25 years of specialty surety experience. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business and continues her education through many industry recognized programs. Kara is past President of the Surety Association of Washington, member of the National Association of Surety Bond Producers and is an active member of several committees of other Insurance organizations.


Cameron Huntsucker


Cameron has been in the insurance and surety industry since 2001, starting as data entry while in college, and rising through the ranks to excel as department head of a surplus lines commercial department. He joined Integrity Surety in the spring of 2007 and now manages client accounts, and operational systems and services.


Jennifer Grenrood


Jennifer joins Integrity Surety as Regional Vice President, Account Manager and Branch Manager based out of Boise Idaho. Jen has extensive surety experience, joining the industry in 1987 and helping clients in many roles ranging from executive assistant to loss recovery, account lead and branch manager in retail and brokerage agencies. In 2014, Jen was named AGC’s Associate of the Year and won an Platinum Award for Excellence in Surety from SFAA/SIO/NASBP in 2016 after having successfully worked with Ada County to begin accepting Performance Bonds from local developers.

Jen is past Co-Chair Association of General Contractors, a current Membership Director of CFMA and is an active member of several committees of other Insurance organizations.



Mercedes Trokey-Moudy


Mercedes has been working for Integrity Surety since February 2008. Before coming to work for Integrity Surety she worked at a retail insurance agents office for 3 years where she learned the basics of insurance. She currently holds her degree in Criminal Justice.


Friends and Partners

Building partnerships within our industry, based on mutual trust has been a core part of our mission since our inception. For over a decade we have played an integral part in the Surety and Insurance ecosystem.  We do this by participating in speaking engagements, panels, and educational events related to surety bonds of all kinds. Through our partnership network, we are able to find you the best deals, for all bond types, in all 50 states.

Social Responsibility

For over a decade we have been dedicated to social development in our community and across the country – regularly participating in fundraisers and participating in events related to the causes that mean the most to us. Take a look at these amazing organizations to learn more!


What are clients saying about us? With 5 star reviews on Yelp and Google, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, these are just a fraction of the amazing and humbling feedback we receive from our clients every day.

You and your team are wonderful, I am so happy to be partnered with you!

Jason V.

Regional Manager

Kara was amazing to work with. I was referred to Integrity Surety from a Surety carrier!! The underwriter with the carrier told me that she was very good to work with and she was 100% correct!! Thank you Integrity Surety!! I look forward in doing more business with you guys.

Corey J.

Commercial Insurance Producer

I love that after leaving the insurance industry for a year and coming back its like I never left. The people that work for Integrity Surety are very helpful and very good at what they do! I look forward to my next bond!

Priscilla S.

Sierra Maine gave us stellar customer service, and sent our bond and insurance info immediately! we are grateful for her and this company! thank you!!

David S.

Cameron Huntsucker is one of the most helpful and genuinely nicest agents to work with.

Kimberly H.

I rely on the service and knowledge of Integrity Surety, which has allowed our agency to become the “go-to” for many clients bonding needs and this has resulted in many referrals from those clients. We couldn’t do it without Integrity Surety

Kristina D.

Commercial Lines Manager

Mercedes is awesome! She always is quick to respond and super helpful. Anytime I have a bond that I am unfamiliar with I reach out to her because a majority of the time she is able to help. Thank you!

Teri M.

Thank you so much! I don’t think I have worked with a bond underwriter that has helped me as much or got back to me as quickly as you did on this! I truly appreciate it.

Brittany S.

I don’t know who’s in charge of personnel over there at Integrity Surety, but please relate to them from a happy customer that they’ve done a wonderful job bringing on quality professionals. You guys are always the best to work with and it makes my life easier.

Drew P.

Thank you Sierra! This is amazing, our clients will be super happy, and I appreciate the help on this one. We’ll definitely be doing business again soon.

Lyle W.

Mercedes is Awesome. Always so helpful and gets things DONE. Thank you! I have always had a great experience with her.

Matt P.

Mercedes and Cameron provide the highest level of professional and personalized service!

Paul R.


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