Covid-19 Response and Resources

The safety of our employees, community, and customers is our primary concern.

We are taking several measures to ensure we manage to safely get through the current civic health situation while continuing to serve our customers effectively.

Integrity Surety was born from Kara Skinner’s home and we have had employees working remotely from home since our inception. This means that much of our day to day work can, and will, be conducted as normal. You should experience limited disruption during this time. Please keep in mind that there may be some delays due to factors beyond our control. Please send all bond requests, especially bid bonds, as early as possible.

These are challenging and frightening times, but we feel confident that as a company and community, we can get through this together. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

What should you be doing?

  1. Take care of yourself, your family, and your staff.
  2. Watch our Blog, Surety News
  3. Review and negotiate your contracts, for impact by delays and possible “Force Majeur” clauses
  4. Check in with your vendors, subs, and suppliers for their current situations and future impacts, such as supply chain slowdowns.
  5. TALK TO YOUR FUNDING INSTITUTIONS – make sure Lines of Credit or Loans are in good standing and will remain so…


What should WE be doing for you?

Please, let us know! We’re here to help continue the success of your business!


1. What is a surety bond?

Surety bonds guarantee the performance of a license, permit, law, contract or other obligation. Surety bonds are three party contracts whereby one party (surety company) promises a second party (obligee) the successful performance of a third party (principal). See glossary.



2. Where do I find applications?

Applications can be completed online, or downloaded from the Apply for a bond section of this web site, and then submitted to us via fax, email, or securely uploaded through this site. The applications are specifically tailored based on state, bond type, and who is requesting.

If you are unsure of the application you need please contact our office.



3. How do I submit a completed bond application?

Completed applications and supporting documents can be submitted to us via faxemail, or securely uploaded through this site, or regular post.



4. What types of bonds does Integrity Surety write?

Integrity Surety provides many commercial surety, performance and payment, court and probate, and fidelity products through multiple standard, preferred and non standard markets.



5. How can I become appointed with your company?

To apply, you need to complete an agency agreement available at our office. Contact  us.



6. Will you be offering bond classes in my area?

A list of all the available classes are available in the education section. If you are interested in a class near you or in your office please call our office or email.



7. How do I pay for a bond?

Integrity Surety is a wholesaler of surety and fidelity products and accepts agency trust checks from appointed agents. We will also accept checks from attorney firms with whom we have a relationship. We can also accept most major credit cards via secure online transaction and are able to accept insurance financing on some bonds that are not fully earned at issuance.



8. Do you write Small Business Administration (SBA) Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) Bonds?

Yes, we do! While the SBA program is constantly changing and some may find challenging to navigate, Integrity Surety is a top producer for the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee program. Contact our office to learn more, or choose “SBA Performance & Payment” in  apply for a bond to download our SBA application kit.

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